Friday, April 29, 2011

Stop Calling Me A "Fag"

It's kind of funny how my mind works, I started to write a post about how people cannot argue/debate for shit, especially today.  And then I started thinking about the quintessential Internet "showstopper,"  the word fag.  Well, I decided that my ideas that came from that were more important to get down immediately.  Random video displacement teaser editing nonsense.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

World's Gonna Burn

So, I made the mistake of flipping on the news today.  First I hear about Obama releasing his full birth certificate for public scrutiny.  Well I'm finally glad we can stop talking about...oh wait I forgot we live in Insan0world.  Now somehow this has made Donald Trump a bigger figure because he was the last person to shout about it on TV?  It's all for his sake and we should take him seriously as a candidate?  Are you shitting me, CNN?  Are you dumb or evil?  Or both?

Well, that's not what really made me rage.  It was this little lady right here, Dalia Dippolito, and her insane defense in her trial for murder-for-hire.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Message Paid For By: She Who Thirsts

Hi, I'm probably an actor...or maybe even a real person attempting to look thoughtful. But that doesn't matter, you see, I have an opinion. It's completely uninformed and this commercial portrays me as THE COMMON MAN, just like you. Yes I'm just like you, with opinions, opinions you should have, because I'm just like you. I have no apparent reason to have an informed opinion on the matter in this spot. I am not an economist, sociologist, doctor, scientist, lawyer, legal scholar, judge, officer of the peace, active duty military, or even a politician. I'm presenting myself as nothing but a 70 year old in a hat with the name of a U.S. Naval vessel on it, or maybe a company name with “...& son(s)” to show I'm a businessman AND family man. I have CHARACTER, which is all that matters. This whole ad is premised on you being a complete idiot and buying into me being just like you. In fact, it's highly insulting that someone would even make this spot. Can you imagine how contemptuous this whole thing is? I mean, I'm obviously reading from a script, and there is probably some tiny print in a corner that was flashed for a second that you-being old- can't see too well that says Dramatization. So remember, tell your Congressman, your congressman who was voted into office because I was the one who told you he's the kind of man I'd like to sit and have a beer with- because he's a common man just like me and the best decisions are made on a six pack of moderately priced domestic 12 oz canned beer. Something real traditional and American like Budweiser or Busch not of that Sam Adams crap, that brewery still has craft brewer status, you know what word is associated with craft? “Art.” Who likes art? Homosexuals. Are you a homosexual? Good, I didn't think so. And Sam Adams was a revolutionary and trouble maker. Who starts revolutions? Young people and hippies. Well anyway where was I? Oh yes, tell your congressman to vote yes (or no) on Bill _____ against your own personal interest. Because I'm an old guy in a hat with an opinion. An opinion you should have because I obviously represent the common man, and you're one too right? You don't want to be different, do you? Being different is what communists are. You remember them, don't you? They killed your friends. And 9/11 changed everything.

(This ad paid for by a special interest group who hopes you don't look into this matter on your own and formulate your own, informed opinion so they paid an old guy who's equally clueless to tell you what to think because they hope you just see an old white man from a Pepperidge Farm commercial talking about jobs, and money, and restoring America and not the board of directors of a conglomerate who stand to profit massively off of your mishandled tax dollars being appropriated for substandard construction projects, dangerous drilling sites, and environmental destruction. I mean, you know this bill will just make them more rich/eliminate economic barriers/remove their industry from oversight, so they have more money to spend creating tiny political action committees to donate even more dollars to the politicians so they'll approve more favorable measures for powerful special interests to continually enhance their wealth and political power in a never ending cyclical vortex orgy of dollar bills, cocaine, strippers, and truck-stop gay hookups, maybe even a few covered up illegitimate children/abortions, and murders. All of it devolving with ever increasing rapidity, fed by an insatiable lust by the public for ever more violent and nasty behavior by the people around them...spiraling down a drain hewn from the bones of sentient, loving creatures into the Disposal unit of damnation to be ground by the gears of mediocrity into a paste of hate, racism, violence, and willful ignorance into a dank, poisonous sewer from which there is no return. That's when it will Truly Begin)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love Rock and Roll

Wow, allergies have completely killed me all week.  My eyes are so red and itchy and sore I can barely see straight.  So, in lieu of writing a post I wrote a blues song about My Little Pony.  It's only a first version really, but it's probably as close to as finished as I can get with my set up.  I didn't do the music, just the lyrics which I'm also singing (poorly).

Hope you enjoy it.  Lyrics below