Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ground Control to Major Derp

I haven't had much time to do writing because I've been on a streak of creativity and I've been trying to make some music using Audacity.  Slowly I feel like I'm learning the ins and outs of it.  Nothing really accomplished yet that I'd want to share but at least it's keeping me occupied. 

I'm also working on two A/V humor projects.  I have no clue how to add audio to images to make a video though, so we'll have to see how that goes.  Thankfully youtube has all kinds of helpful clips on how do do just about anything I want to do.  Isn't technology great?

I do wonder if I'm doing too much and not focusing but, hey, I got tons of free time so why not?  Any of you working on some neat projects?

Also I would like to thank everyone for their comments on my last post, many of you had some great insights and stories to share.  I feel very grateful for your kind words.

My mission for the week: