Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Excuse me, WTF R U DOIN

Time for the meaty, texty post of the day.

This morning I went to have my blood drawn, got me some medical problems...very sad tale but it's for another post.  Anyway I go into the lab and put my name down and go sit in the waiting room.  Eventually I hear my first name, but some weird last name.  "Mr. Derp Seeuh*?  Derp Seeuh?"  I was the only male there so I figured it was me.  I go up to the lady and say "uh...my name is Garcia*."  She laughs and looks at me then chuckles while saying, "huh you don't LOOK like a Garcia."

....the fuck?

So I go sit down and she's prepping to draw my blood and starts grilling me about my ethnic background.  She sneered at me and asked if I spoke Spanish.  I told her I speak a little and she fucking "tsk"d at me.  She asked me my mother and father's ethnicity after which she flatly said.  "Well then you're white."  This is because I was not racially pure enough for her I guess.  And yeah once again, I just made it clear I was uncomfortable but didn't say anything to her about it other than "uh...yeaaaaaaah," and "riiiiiiiiiight."  I mean, what do you do when someone starts interrogating you about your ethnic purity?

Personally I'm not a fan of "ethnic pride" "racial pride" or "national pride."  To me it seems so petty and archaic.  The world we live in now is so global and immediate that cultures clash on a minute by minute basis.  I get that people want to have a special group identity, they want to belong and feel special but all this petty tribalism is going to bring us down in the end.  Fostering a sense of equality and unity despite differences in skin, language, national origin is what I'm all about.  Why do Americans hate French people?  No one knows.  I bet if you asked someone on the street they couldn't come up with a reason, or maybe they'd say "Well they're snooty and herpderpy."  First off, that's mostly Paris, secondly have you ever even met a French person?  Probably not.  Are they really any bigger dicks than Americans?  Probably not.  Have you ever met someone from New York City?
But yes, it's just endless stupidity.  No you are not special, no you are not superior because you have special skin or fell out of the right vagina in the right spot on the planet Earth.  You evolved from the same extinct primates as everyone else, your distant cousin is a fucking Chimapanzee that drinks its own urine in the zoo and flings its shit at you for giggles.  You're a few tiny tiny tiny amino acids away from that.  Get the FUCK over yourself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some minority scholarships to apply for.

*not my real name, but you get the idea.


  1. I completely agree. Some people get strength and pride from their community and that's not a bad thing because it can inspire them and propel them forward, but it's not ok to think you are superior than any other person based on your ethnicity. It's what you make of yourself with your background that defines you.

    And about your comment on ME in my blog, yeah there's sexing in Mass Effect but what makes people all excited is the interaction with the characters. You have to listen to them and say the right things to get to the sexing (it's like real life!).

  2. What a ho-bag. I wouldn't feel comfortable having her draw my blood.

    Being racist is like being in a high class club where you go and feel superior. I suppose it just gives people a false sense of belonging...

    I love your writing. So glad that i'm following you.

  3. Damn, that lady sounds like a cunt.

  4. Oh! I forgot, I hope your medical issues get solved soon.

    Feel better!

  5. Pride should be reserved for things that one has accomplished.

  6. I've been that guy on the street before lol

  7. Hahaha, loved this post man. Made my day actually. Keep up the great work!

  8. People can be so redicious... I'm tired of people being...well racist I guess is the word. Not violently so but essentially discriminating.

  9. I hate people who are proud of traits they had no control over.

  10. I completely agree on the whole 'ethnic nationalism' thing. Especially regarding the French, if they didn't help the revolutionaries, America wouldn't exist.

  11. I wish we could all chillax on the ethnic/national pride stuff, too. Although, lately, I've been bro'd down by people I meet when they see my last name and we have a little chat about the commonalities of our cultures. I just wish I didn't love military history so much, because all I can think of in those situations are the ancient wars. "Dood, we totally kicked your ass in 300, B.C.! But you got us back a thousand years alter, so we're cool now, right?" Now I just gotta learn more than a few words of the old country's language.

  12. Peel away our skin and we ARE all the same. In my blog, I rant about my Mexican neighbors. My desire they be deported. And so on. I am no racist. No bigot.

    I think, at times, it's simply easier for one to express themselves through the use of labels. I realize the nationality of my neighbors, whose behaviors I hate, are not behaviors that are cultural based. They are just idiots. They are disrespectful.

    Even if we all looked the same and shared the same color of skin, we'd still come up with names for others we don't like at the moment or for whatever reason we deem appropriate at the time.

    Nice post, nonetheless.

  13. Seeing as we share the *exact* same ethnic cocktail, I feel free to point out that I deal with this same issue on a daily basis. The other day, a guy said to me "HerpDerp? He called you "Rodriguez"? Riiiiight cause you're SO ethnic." FYI- saying someone is not "ethnic" is like saying they are not a person and don't belong anywhere or with anyone. After all, "ethnos" is Greek for "people" or, more accurately "multitude of men" and everyone belongs to some tribe or another. I'm not "American" enough for them either. It seems they want it both ways, to exclude you as exotic and limit you as mundane. Real winners out there.

  14. Fucking AGREED. So much shit right now needs to cut the fuck out... I wish I could just punch the back of a lot of people's faces. Goddamn.